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"All About Being Santa" - the manual of bringing joy

Developed and written by Victor Nevada, Canada's Top Santa, "All About Being Santa" is the most comprehensive Santa Claus instruction manual in the world today. 536 Pages of hard facts, instruction and information with no fluff.

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The best Santa manual? - don't just take our word for it!

"I just finished reading All About Being Santa, and I must say it is wonderful. It has information which cannot be found anywhere else. All About Being Santa is subtitled The Manual of Bringing Joy. That is so right - it brought a lot of joy to me just reading it" - Santa John Suhr

"I wish to thank you again for your manual which has really helped me evolve into being a more real Santa. It's my Santa Bible." - Santa Robert Green

"My first impression as I wrote it down, Now THIS is a how to manual for Santas! At this point I had not even finished the 1st chapter, and I loved it! My recommendation is if you're going to become Santa, before you do anything else - get, read, and apply what this manual has to offer!
The manual (correctly named incidentally) is expensive, however for a cost per page ratio it is initially competitive with all the other Santa books, but much, much more information is here than any other book I have read to date (five including yours). And if you consider how much I have spent on other materials that your manual already covers, its value far exceeds its cost. I have spent a chunk of money on acting, screenwriting, wardrobe design, set directing, and design, etc. and your book has it all in nice, neat, relevant fashion. AND the storytelling section was something I had not even thought of!
Virtually every page is a bonanza of Santa information. It contains practical, directly applicable, and immediately useable information. As I would turn each page I would shake my head in marveled bewilderment as to your manual's depth, sincerity, and real world knowledge it contains.
In addition to my regular duties I also teach others how to instruct. I found myself shaking my head when I started reading about reading people, body language, eye contact, and voice control. I chuckled because this is part of the stuff I teach, and you were spot on in your presentation and analysis of people. In fact, it is so well written I'll use it and recommend it as a reference.
It is a work to be very proud of Victor. I am very impressed, and I have found out how much I don't know about being Santa, but, with your manual it will be much easier." - Santa Gene Crawford

"I bought your book a while back. I just wanted to tell you again what a great book you've written. I have bought two other books available on being Santa. They are both fine, but don't come even close to comparing with the completeness and depth of information of your book. Not only is your book more complete, your advice is very good and you've so well outlined all facets of being Santa. I must say there are many of your business techniques I prefer too. Thank you once again for your book, I know it's a lot of work to complete a task that large." - Santa Jacob Hanson

"The title is very appropriate as it really covers everything from A to Z. I had purchased two other books previously which had some very interesting information but not as comprehensive as yours. I would like to become more professional and your book is giving me great insight into all the elements of putting together a real Santa." - Santa Charley

"Thanks in large measure to your All About Being Santa manual, my Santa activities during the 2004 Christmas were very successful." - Santa Lawrence

"I tripled my hourly rate and have more bookings than I can handle after following your advice." - Santa Fred

"Excellent book. I read it over and over and always learn something new." - Santa John

"I noticed the personalized page at the front of the manual. Thank you for taking the time to make this manual a one of a kind." - Santa Joe

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