Welcome to Santa School

Providing professional training for beginning and experienced Santas, the best Santa Claus instruction manual available, agent services, and custom made outfits.

Hire A Professionally Trained Santa

Santa School is dedicated to providing top notch 'Santa Regional Representatives' for your Christmas events. Santa School is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada… the closest thing to the North Pole. Not only do we serve the families and business of Calgary and surrounding area but we also provide services across North American, Asia and Europe.

Christmas is a magical time for children both young and old. Our professional Santas bring that spirit of joy and excitement and keep your senses tingling all through your visit - even if that visit is just a short one. Santa School trained Santas, Mrs. Claus’, elves and even live reindeer, will create lasting memories for your business, customers and clients.

The Best Santa Training

There’s more to being Santa than gluing on a beard and jamming on a suit. That’s why Santa School provides training to new and experienced Santas. In fact we wrote the book on it - All About Being Santa; the manual of bringing joy. Our professional Santa training will elevate your performance, sharpen your abilities and help you become the best Santa available.

Participating in the Santa School professional Santa training that is offered once a year in Calgary will give your clients confidence in you. Letting them know that as Santa you are trained in acting, voice, character development, presentation and scripting; which will set you apart from others with far less coaching and experience.