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Providing professional training for beginning and experienced Santas, the best Santa Claus instruction manual available, agent services, and custom made outfits.

Santa School

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Fall Semester 2013 is open for registration.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Oct. 24 - 26, 2013

You are cordially invited to Santa School - founded by Santa Victor Nevada. Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The course of studies is conducted over a full week-end of intensive, and fun studies.

The instructors are some of the best in show business, are active in their areas of expertise within the film, TV, stage, advertising and media industries. and related businesses; and bring this expertise to the classroom.

Whether you're new to the Santa world or have been enjoying it for years, Santa School will help you to improve your skills and give you new tools to better entertain your clients and put more money in your pocket.

Santa School, October 2009 Gallery

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What students are saying

"I would like to thank you for an incredible weekend. I thought I knew lots about being Santa, but your course proved otherwise. The instructors, especially yourself, are excellent, and I came away having a better knowledge base, and more confidence in myself. You asked on the Thursday night what I hoped to gain from the weekend, I said more confidence and you have given me that."
I was very impressed with the caliber of instructors, especially Alan Monk. Congratulations on getting him as an instructor. I realize that most of the students have no idea who he is, but in operatic circles he is put on the same pedestal as Pavarotti, Maria Calas, and Beverly Sills.
Anyone thinking about being Santa needs this course." - Santa Ross Arnot, Westpoint, B.C.

"I personally want to thank you for the enjoyable working weekend. We learned so much about Santa and being Santa. Your book was great but the hands on was something that would have taken us years to accomplish if that. Learning from an expert was a thrill of a lifetime. Even though you tired us out we cannot thank you enough for all the time and effort you put into sharing your trade secrets with us. We will use your training well and keep you up to date on our Workshop progress. Thank you!" - Jean (Mrs. Claus) Southward, California.

"I can't thank you enough for the class you offered. It was worth every penny. The caliber of teachers you brought in was far above anything I expected. I want you to know that I fully intend to develop my Santa character, and implement the things we were taught into my act. And I promise that I will PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!"

"Thank you for your offer of future help, I have so much to learn, and I'm sure I'll be calling on your expertise in the future. Your school has given me the tools I need to do wonderful things with my life and I can't thank you enough." - Santa Jim Stocker, Arizona.

"I won't call it a course because it's much more than that, it's excellence." - Santa Steve Norman, Ontario

» » Register Now for Santa School - spaces are limited.
Fall Semester 2012 is open for registration.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Oct. 24 - 26, 2013