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Victor Nevada - Canada's Top Santa Claus

Victor Nevada, stage name Santa Victor, had been portraying Santa Claus since 1985 when he first started making appearances for the children of his real estate clients.

He soon realized there was more to being Santa than putting on a red suit, an imitation beard, and greeting everyone he met with a jolly Ho-Ho-Ho. As a result of his early Santa appearances he began to research the image and character of Santa Claus extensively through film, reading, discussions with other Santas, and acting classes, just to mention a few avenues. Today, the national media refers to him as Canada’s Top Santa.

As he became better known as the expert on things relating to Santa Claus and Christmas, other Santas and the public in general, began to come to him seeking information and advice about Santa Claus and Christmas. Upon his retirement from real estate in 1998, he used his Education Diploma from the University of Saskatchewan, and started Santa Claus School Inc. He saw the school as a place where 'would be' Santas could come for an intensive three-day training program to get the fundamentals of being one of Santa’s Regional Representatives. He is the author of "All About Being Santa - the Manual of Bringing Joy", the most comprehensive training manual for Santas in the world today. His website www.santaschool.com became a source for Santa's looking for top quality hard-to-find costumes, props, information, and advice.

Santa Victor made appearances on national and international TV and radio programs, and was featured in newspapers throughout the world. He played Santa Claus in Canada, the USA, Mexico, and Hong Kong. He did many commercials and print ads throughout North America and Europe, along with stand-up comedy ("Santa Unglued"), corporate and private events, as well as charity events. He was the only full time Santa Claus in Canada and as such worked many different events throughout the year.

On March 1st, 2009 Santa Victor stepped from this world with grace after a short battle with cancer. Farewell Victor, we love you.